Affordable Fees

Hi, I’m Dr Cal Dykes and I would like to talk about the affordable fees offered at Spring Mountain Dental. I realize in doing so the concept of affordable fees is interpreted differently by people depending on their own personal financial situation. What I mean by affordable fees is maintaining my fee schedule at a level that is attractive to the majority of people. I guarantee you I am not even close to the most expensive fee structured office in Las Vegas. My fees are kept at the lower end of the fee scale for two reasons. I want to have the reputation of being fair with my fees and I want my fees to be low enough to be attractive to the great majority of people. I do not want my fees to stand between a patient and their receiving quality dental care.

I am able to keep my fees down as a result of a very well trained staff enabling me to work quickly and efficiently. I do this while maintaining a high level of quality and personal service. The quick and efficient practice methodology results in savings being passed on to my patients. Coupled with our affordable fees is the pledge to you of not making recommendations for care that will misuse or waste the hard earned dollars you have available for dental services. We will be forthright in stating our opinions relative to your needs explaining all procedures and the fee for those procedures recommended. There will be no surprises. Alternative treatments can be suggested to better fit dental budgets.

One last thing I would like to do is refer you to our No Dental Insurance Tab. Under this tab is explained a program for emergency care for those with financial struggles in need of dental care. We reserve two time periods in the morning before 10:30 AM and 2 time periods in the afternoon before 3:30 PM for emergency care for which the total fee is $100. You might want to check that program out if in emergence need.

To assist you in evaluating fees the following website is recommended:  www.fairhealthconsumer.org. Following the instructions provided on that web site will provide insight into fees in your city.