Personal Service

Hi I’m Dr Cal Dykes and I would like to discuss the emphasis we place on personal service here at Spring Mountain Dental. First let me say myself and my staff members are Spring Mountain Dental. We are not owned by an outside corporation as has become common in Las Vegas. Our emphasis is and always will be the individual patient and their needs not bottom line corporate profits.

You will be listened to and all efforts will be made assisting you in maintaining the health of your teeth and their supporting structures. Our services will be ever mindful of our need to be responsible in providing the necessary information enabling you to make informed decisions. We will not make recommendations asking you to spend money foolishly or for unnecessary services. Additionally, we will make every effort to make your visit to our office a stress free, comfortable experience. Some would question that statement in the context of having dental services provided but we pride ourselves in providing that personal service. We have numerous patients that have been getting dental services here at Spring Mountain Dental for in excess of 20 years that attest to that fact.

Our personal service theme is built around a strong emphasis on preventative dental care. We like solving and fixing small dental problems. My patients laugh when I say I am a “lazy dentist." I mean it though in the sense small dental problems are far easier to deal with than large dental problems. Thus the emphasis we place on a strong recall system seeing our patients of record every three, four, or six months depending on determined need. We then can evaluate patient dentitions routinely catching problems when they are small, needing less costly repair. This makes my job easier(lazy. remember?) and cost the patient less both financially and in time required for procedures.

I believe a very important aspect of our personal service is our honesty. We are always up front with our patients. Sometimes we have to say things patients don’t want to hear but we always explain why it is said. We simply ask the patient to listen and comprehend asking questions if unsure of our intent or reasoning.