No Dental Insurance?


Spring Mountain Dental has a program in place to assist those with no dental insurance or of limited financial resources. Currently, we reserve two appointments in the morning before 10:30am and two appointments in the afternoon before 3:30pm for emergency services for those who qualify for our no dental insurance/limited financial resources program. Please note that these appointments are filled on a first-come, first served basis. Once these appointments are filled each day, no other appointments are available for these services.

The total fee for these emergency services is $100.00 per patient. This fee includes the emergency clinical exam and any x-rays that are felt to be necessary in order to aid the diagnosis of the emergency. Following the diagnosis, one or more of the following are included in this fee:

1. Removal of decay from a tooth and restoring the tooth with a sedative filling.
2. Extraction of a broken down or painful tooth or root.
3. The opening of the nerve chambers within a tooth to relieve pain.
4. The prescription of medications to help alleviate infection or pain.

Be advised that Item 4 above (writing of prescriptions) is not an invitation for prescription drug abuse. Prescriptions are written at the sole discretion of the Dentist, and only within the range of medications normally prescribed by this Las Vegas dental facility.

Please note that the time of these appointments for emergencies for those with no dental insurance or limited financial resources are only available at the times before mentioned. By offering this program, Spring Mountain Dental is “fitting you in" to our schedule. While we will tell you to arrive at a certain time, you have to understand that circumstances may dictate that you may not be seen at that specific time. Our regularly scheduled patients take precedence and will be seen at their appointed times.