We cannot stress enough that prevention and maintenance are the cornerstones of proper oral health care. That is why Spring Mountain Dental focuses on prevention of problems before they can become major issues for the patient. Our fully trained and accredited staff will provide a proper diagnosis of the patient’s current state of oral health.

When compiling a diagnosis, we will examine and X-ray the mouth, including the teeth, supporting bone, and the soft tissue overlaying the supporting bone. Oral cancer screening is also provided. During this diagnosis procedure, the dentist will make note if any decay or gum disease is present. If any teeth are missing that results in a loss of function, the dentist will determine if the teeth can be replaced and by which method they will be. Any other improvements that can be made to the patient’s smile will also be discussed by the dentist.

Once these initial steps are completed, a treatment plan will be developed and discussed thoroughly with the patient. Any and all pertinent fees will be clearly shown. This treatment plan will be presented to the patient along with what the possible risks, rewards, and possible complications that could arise during the procedures. The focus of Spring Mountain Dental is to concentrate on what the patient actually needs and not waste their hard-earned dollars on unnecessary procedures.